Day 327

Yes. It’s nice when people say nice things about us.

For a little while it makes us feel better about ourselves and by the same token other people’s negative remarks can ruin our day. But is it wise to actually be dependent on other’s praise to feel good? Does other people’s opinion really matter?

As I have become older, I have realized that it matters less and less. I have come to admire people who express their individuality irrespective of what others think. It takes courage to do that. It’s much easier to blend in. We all are unique whether we can show it or not. Each one perfectly imperfect.

I always try to remember that opinions are only opinions. They are not the ultimate truth. On top of that, we change our minds from one instance to another. I can remember times when I have thought of someone as completely nonsensical but on getting to know them better I am able to appreciate them for who they are. Hence it is not worth getting knotted up over what other people think of us.

It was difficult for my son to be one of the very few coloured children in his primary school. When he was 7 he once asked me if I could change his name to Aron. It made me smile. As he grew older he too came to be not just comfortable with, but proud of, his heritage.

“Of all the judgements and beliefs each one of us owns, none is more important than the ones we have about ourselves.”
-Wayne Dyer.

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