Day 390

Tropical waters are pure magic. This morning we went snorkeling and I got a peep into a whole new world. I felt as though I had been transported to a world of colour and vitality. Some fish were flat with fins coming out at funky angles, some were half turquiose and half peacock blue as though they had been dipped in two buckets of dye. Some were shimmery gray with a turmeric dot at the base of their tails. There were black and white stripy ones, some with an additional yellow line. They came in all sizes, the clowns and the puffers. The tiniest ones moved in large schools very close to the surface of the water, swimming in utter synchronicity. Sometimes it seemed as if they were playing hide and seek with each other. Some were dancing together and others were chasing and racing each other. They had clever little hiding places where you would least suspect them – they could quickly disappear somewhere within a coral or burrow into holes in the bed of the ocean.

All this was taking place in the backdrop of a multitude of corals – bush like things with many fingers reaching up to the sun. The finger tips being a brighter and lighter shade of the fingers, be it ochre, orange, red, brown or green. Some of them looked like the surface of the brain. Some looked like underwater heathers in pinks and mauves strewn over golden sands. A few giant clams sat at the bottom looking very solid and smug.

I was speechless when we finished. I felt blessed.
We live on a beautiful planet. Please let us look after it.


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