Day 402

As I go through the memory book created by Saagar’s friends I am astounded by the sensitivity and perceptiveness of some of these young people. I suppose when one is 18 or 19 or 20, life is an intense experience. The feelings are clean and pure, experienced in all their fullness.

This particular note is an example of a subtle yet profound observation made :

“Yo Sagman! My brother in drums and banter. Thank you for brightening up those little boring intervals before morning Arabic lessons (not least with the neon green trainers) and for making the banal enjoyable and beautiful. That’s where life is lived really, in those little spaces in between perhaps………”

We do not remember weeks or days. But we do remember moments. I remember the times when I sat in his room reading my book while he did his homework. We shared the space without much conversation and that was special. The times when we cooked in the kitchen together with the radio playing in the background and both of us pottering around doing our own thing – those were the good times – relaxed and content. Nothing spectacular. Just comfortable, peaceful togetherness.

Washing the car on a Sunday is not one of my favourite chores but he would turn it into a fun thing by putting on some music and then doing a funny dance, first with the water hose and then with the vacuum cleaner! The neighbours enjoyed it too.

I miss you my baby but having met your friends and having heard about your time during the last 2 years at university, I am happy.  They sound like two of the best years of your life! xxx

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