Day 517

Death is the ultimate equalizer. It doesn’t differentiate in any way.

Since the day Saagar passed away we have met some deeply traumatised yet wonderfully inspiring people who make this world a better place. Being bereaved by suicide is also a great leveler. It is profoundly humanizing. It makes compassion grow beyond all boundaries. It means living with the everyday fragilities and failings of all human beings including ourselves. It opens the doors of hearts and minds. It changes the way we perceive other people’s problems – they seem to be our own. Somehow we feel closer to people than ever before.

Sebastian Hunter travelled to India when he was in school. He was deeply moved by the poverty he witnessed there. After he died by suicide at the tender age of 18 his mother Anna set up a charity in his memory. She thought about what he would have liked to do had he lived longer. She set up  The Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust which reaches out to those living in the hilly tribal regions of Tamil Nadu affected by disease, disability, and drought. It empower leaders, builds the next generation and works towards a poverty-free India. So far more than 5000 people have benefitted greatly from it. Networks and communities have been formed that would never have come together otherwise.

Their world is certainly a better place. And although Sebastian is greatly missed, our world is a better place for the work done in his name.




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