Day 526



The three hour long smooth and peaceful train ride took us to the eggsemplary York station – classic architecture with clean loos. A short scenic car journey took us to Fountain’s abbey which was bustling with terribly eggcited kids and their parents navigating maps to get to their multiple tiny hidden oval destinations. The eggsotic surroundings and the shining sun made for the perfect combination for a family day out.

The multitudes of little painted bunny faces with tremendous egghilaration in their eyes were a pure delight to watch . As the afternoon went on some got eggsuberant and the others got eggshausted. Didn’t notice any eggstra-trestrials though.

The eggsperiment with the new shoes did not work as they gently eggscavated into the inside of my ankles with every step I took. To stop further eggsageration of pain, I took off the lovely new shoes and socks and walked bare feet on the eggsquisite grass. It is eggstremely good for the soul.

Enough I think. This picture from this afternoon’s walk says it all.

Happy Easter!






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