Day 564

Even now they make me feel like an innocent and sweet child. They make me feel special, secure and deeply loved.

They have gone through difficult times with great dignity and made big sacrifices for the immediate and extended family. They have stuck together through thick and thin and always been there for their kids, be it through difficulties at school, during pregnancy and childbirth or with relationships. They are my source of strength. They are two but I think of them as one.

They shower me with gifts, cook lovely meals for Si and me and do lots of little things for not just me but also my friends. They are so proud of me that it is a bit embarrassing sometimes.

I left home at 16 and have been homesick ever since, wishing I could have more time with them. I have missed them a lot. While abroad, I have spent most of my leave visiting them and still it is never enough.

They are my parents. We had the best evening together. My mother’s specials – dal makhani, fish tikka and mango panna in a warm and loving home.

At the darkest of times, I have thought of them and drawn courage from knowing that even though they are not physically with me, their thoughts and prayers always are. I am never alone.



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