Day 643


Today I learnt an interesting fact – statistics show that most injuries in the gym occur at the first or the last repetition of an exercise. The first, because of inadequate warming up and bracing. The last due to loosening up before time possibly because of tiredness.

Saagar attended the gym regularly. Sometimes we went there together. I would spend time on the treadmill, bike and rowing machine but he would be in the weights room. He was good. He knew his stuff and the results were visible. He would often cringe at the poor technique in weight lifting that he saw some other members of the gym practise. He was very tempted to guide them so they could save their backs, joints and posture but he held back. He taught me a few things which I remember clearly.

The other side of the coin: Saagar was a hard core carnivore. He could live on meat but the house rule was that an accompanying green leafy salad was mandatory. He mostly followed that rule but sometimes he picked up one leaf and put it in his mouth and with a crooked smile, say,”Salad done.” Rascal!

Today my gym instructor said to me,”Immaculate technique” after a set of goblet squats. I replied with a faint smile,”Good teacher.” Only I knew who I was talking about.

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