Day 9

It was the final good-bye today.

The amount of love in the chapel was immeasurably overwhelming!

The ceremony, the speeches, the song, the weather, the food, the timing, the space – everything was perfect!

I felt immense sadness saying bye to him but at the same time, I could see that he had touched so many lives in his short lifespan – more than many people do in many many more years. I felt so proud of him! He was a real gift. So precious!

He taught us so many lessons. Things that we hear everyday and think of as cliches; life is too short, love thy neighbour, all there is is love, smile and the world smiles with you, forgive and forget.

I feel so much love and light within our family today – like never before. ¬†So many barriers seem to have disappeared. Suddenly the big ‘issues’ are surmounted. I can’t help thinking that he has something to do with it. Somehow, it seems that all of us have been ‘humanised’.

Thank you my darling. I love you.

Shine on you crazy diamond.

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