Day 13

In one of the eastern cultures it is believed that for 13 days after death, the soul of a deceased person hangs around within the domain of this earth, in the vicinity of the space shared by the near and dear ones of the ‘body’ that it once occupied. On the 13th day, it leaves for spaces farther afield. So, traditionally, prayers are held on the 13th day to allow this process to take place peacefully and with everyone’s blessings.

These prayers were held this morning in our house, just with close family in attendance. It was a beautiful ceremony and we prayed for ‘moksha’ for the departed soul – freedom from the cycle of birth and death. This was followed by soulful, spiritual chanting with friends in the wider community and that was a very serene occasion too.

The priest explained that my son has gone because his work on this planet is done. He has led an exemplary life, filled with joy and generosity, love and laughter, kindness and compassion. He has made a little place for himself in so many hearts and is fondly remembered for all the right reasons.

I am at peace. I am as proud of him as I always have been – in fact more so.

I loved him before he was born and shall continue to do so now and forever.

I am ready for this new long distance relationship.

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