Day 23

One day last summer, my son called me at work to say he had found a lovely little kitten on ‘Gumtree’ and would love to have him. He promised to look after him in his room, just like his baby. After work we collected this kitten and bought all required accessories. It was great fun and very exciting. The kitten was beautiful indeed!

10 years ago, when I had suffered with a mild bout of depression, the psychiatrist had advised us to get a pet for me and guess what, we had got ourselves a kitten.

Now, I wonder if he had recognised that he needed some help and getting the kitten was his coping mechanism. Or was he just bored during his holidays and needed something to keep himself occupied. It is hard to tell what goes on in the hearts and minds of young people. They are so smart at hiding how they really feel. Especially the boys, trying to be men. I am sure the social conditioning is really harmful to their mental well-being. Why is it that when boys cry, they are called ‘sissies’? Why is it  ok for girls to cry but not for boys? What happens to all that unexpressed emotion? Why is crying not as normal as laughing? How can we provide them with a safe environment where they can just be themselves? How can we ensure that they have an emotional vocabulary?

It is a fact that males are 3 to 4 times more likely to kill themselves than females. Why?

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