Day 35

69 years ago one of the biggest atrocities against humanity took place with over 200,000 innocent victims.

Today’s visit to the Hiroshima A-Bomb dome and Memorial museum was shocking to say the least. There can be no possible justification for something like that. Isn’t there enough suffering in this world already without us going out of our way to bring more of it to seemingly ‘other’ people? There are no ‘other’ people. It’s just us – one big consciousness. What harm we think we do to ‘them’ is what we actually do to ourselves.

The inscription on the front panel of the Register of Deceased A-bomb victims offers a prayer for the peaceful repose of the victims and makes a pledge on behalf of all humanity never to repeat the evil of war. It expresses the spirit of Hiroshima – enduring grief, transcending hatred, pursuing harmony and prosperity for all and yearning for genuine, lasting world peace. History has important lessons for us but we are not willing to learn them as we can see from the world around us today.

Clichéd as it may sound, ‘world peace’ can only be possible if each one of us as individuals have peace within us and the courage to stand up for it. The outside world is an expression of our inner world. Let us start from the small things – treat our friends and people around us with kindness. One small step at a time.

My own sadness felt so small in front of this huge tragedy. It did make me think that my son had actually done his bit for ‘world peace’ by being such a kind person. God bless him.

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