Day 206

Wonder if he knows how it has been since he left and what it is like for me and the rest of the family at present.

Today I am angry.

  • The bloody UK elections! What an awful outcome. It’s going to be all about the money, money, money  once again. The demise of the NHS as we know it is very near.
  • More non-clinicians will be making clinical decisions than ever before because they cost less.
  • The GPs will be given bigger financial incentives for not referring patients to specialist services. This has already been happening for the last 5 years as we all know.
  • The author of the above article writing as if cancer is the only illness that kills (no disrespect to cancer patients and families).
  • An even smaller budget for mental illness.
  • Having to use ‘sectioning’ as the only way to obtain medical attention for mentally ill patients thus ensuring a police record in their name.
  • Depressive illness still not getting enough attention due to insistence on care in the community, lack of education for medics and carers and the silent nature of the resulting deaths that make it easy for the government to ignore them.
  • I am annoyed with myself for having gone back to my old life – same job, same house, same, same, same, when none of it makes any sense.

This is a rant. Please ignore.

For dinner we had leftovers from the weekend. There was no zing in the food at all. Then I pulled out the little jar of mango pickle made at home by my Mum and added it to the plates. The meal was completely transformed from boring to yummy. Something so special! Mums are gifts too. They can comfort us even from afar. Thank you Mamma.

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