Day 217

When I got to the train station, the normal services to our local train station were disrupted. I quickly worked out an alternative route to get home after work as fast as possible. This was on Day 0.

Today evening I reached another London Train station which seemed to be in absolute chaos and I assumed it was because today is the Friday of a long weekend. A little while later I discovered that an ‘incident’ had taken place at the station earlier this afternoon which had thrown everything into a state of complete mayhem.

Another loss! Another family thrown into an abyss of deep grief. Another terrible tragedy! I stood still at the platform just mourning for everything all over again while the frantic activity around me kept buzzing on. I felt crushed.

I thought it might be useful to compile a list of well known risk factors that make any of us relatively more prone to want to end our lives. Here it is.

  1. Male gender
  2. Single people
  3. Low socio-economic level
  4. Unemployed
  5. Substance abuse
  6. Psychiatric illness
  7. Gays/Lesbians/ Bisexuals/ Not sure
  8. Childhood bullying/ abuse/ dysfunctional families
  9. AIDS patients
  10. Chronic Epilepsy
  11. Chronic Pain
  12. Alcoholism
  13. War veterans
  14. Previous history of attempted suicide
  15. Deliberate self harmers leaving A&E without a psychiatric assessment
  16. Social isolation – eg. migrants
  17. Physical illness – cancer, stroke to name a few.
  18. Those recently bereaved.
  19. People on antidepressant medication. 

Let’s look out for each other.

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