Day 286

Ignorance is a good thing.
It allows for wonder, exploration and learning.
Not knowing something and having an insight about it, is healthy.

For instance, let’s say there are 2 doctors. One of them has been practicing for 30 years and the other one has recently qualified. When the former sees a patient, he is highly unlikely to doubt his judgement. The latter however, is more likely to admit that it might be worth taking a second opinion as his experience is limited. Which one of these two is better for the patient?

My son was unwell. I knew.
How unwell? I did not know.
For at least 4 weeks before he died he was severely suicidal. I did not know. I was told by his doctor that the drugs would kick in soon and I trusted him. I read up about it but did not find anything to make me think differently. I did not seek a second opinion. Was that ‘willful ignorance’ on my part? Did I not want to know? Although it was painful to watch him suffer, that last month was beautiful. We spent a lot of quality time together – going for walks, cooking, going to the gym, for movies, dinners and drives, talking, being silent and watching TV together. I will always treasure that time. It was special because I was relaxed while taking care of him. I was blissfully oblivious of the fact that he was so close to the edge.

Is ignorance bliss?

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