Day 285

As a young girl I remember being fairly lost.
I was quiet. I liked to watch and listen. I was awkward and self conscious.

I wish I knew at least one of these things when I was young.

  • If you don’t do what other people expect you to do, it’s ok. They will find a way to deal with it.
  • Be wary of security as a goal. It may look like life’s best prize but it is not.
  • Be ready to be surprised by grace.
  • If you are having to fight too hard for something, it is possible that it’s not the best thing for you.
  • Live usefully – nothing is as satisfying as making a difference in somebody else’s life.
  • Separate yourself from cynics and from peddlers of despair.
  • Give yourself permission to be who you want to be.

Over the last few days, we (me and the other 3 participants from the programme on Suicide Prevention last week) have received innumerable messages of love and kindness. Many people have found our conversation useful, many have been deeply touched by it, many others have become more aware.

In my job, I find a lot of satisfaction and joy but I don’t feel like I ‘live usefully’. A part of my brain says, “Well, anybody could do this.”

But this is different. I don’t feel like I am doing anything. It is just happening.
I feel truly useful.

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