Day 289

Today was a day of sharing.

As a community of those touched deeply by suicide, we shared our stories, our journeys, our pain, our wisdom and our vision for the future. It was an empowering day for me.  It seemed we all derived strength from each other in one way or another.

A comment made by one of the mothers who has lost her son to suicide stayed with me. She said, ”I taught him everything but I did not teach him how to handle failure.”

As a society, as educational institutions, as families, we have an obsession with ‘success’, which is uniform for a variety of kids who are completely different from each other. No one is allowed the slightest slip. No one is allowed time to figure out what success might mean for them as an individual. When the expectation put on a young person seems completely misaligned with one’s inner self, is it any wonder that some fail?

In India there is a huge increase in suicides and attempted suicides amongst young students around the time Board exam results are declared.

This problem is not unique to India. It happens in subtle ways here too. Does the emotional distress associated with it express itself in other ways such as excessive alcohol use and other behavioral patterns?

The ugliest four letter word starting with an ‘f’ for us all most certainly is ‘Fail’!

One thought on “Day 289

  1. I was sharing with you at the support day and now I am reading your daily blog. Thank you. Let’s hope that our sons are meeting each other as well. Xx


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