Day 307

As I cycle along the polluted and overcrowded streets of London, every now and then I get a fragrant whiff of lavender. Just a few flowers in someone’s front garden are enough to beautify the environment and lift the energy of the space around them. It is a pleasant surprise and although it is just a small thing, it adds hugely to the joy of living.

A few years ago a new doctor joined our department. A few days later I happened to be around where she was and peeped into her office to say hello and welcome her. I had no idea how much that little gesture meant to her till she told me so a year later. We are now the closest of friends. Sometimes we do small things and think nothing of them. We don’t think it matters.

These tiny little things add up to form the experience of abundance. Although I miss my son very much, my life is overflowing with fullness through all the people I have met through him. Their lives were somehow touched by him. The goodness generated from that is adding fragrance to the world, even though the source is not visible. Yet, it is here.

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer.

One thought on “Day 307

  1. Dear Sangeeta, thank you for sharing your writing with me. I still feel sad and tearful because I too am a mother and have a son. There is however strength and hope even when grieving. I am reminded how much I take life for granted. Your son was on this earth for a purpose and his soul is free. Your words and your actions will help others as much as they would help you to come to terms (if one can ever do that) with what happened. Love & hugs. Nirupa xx


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