Day 323

Moving from a busy, noisy place to a quiet, calm one means that I hear the sounds in my head even more. While there is a lot of newness to experience and more space to be, the feelings also have more room to surface and find expression.

Right now they are not allowing me to keep any food down and making me feel really tired. Unable to do anything but sit, I watched the sun go down behind the hill and light up the sky in magical shades of pink and yellow. Just as I started to feel the darkness setting in, a kitten appeared from behind a tree and headed towards a red bowl on the ground. Finding no food in the bowl, it circled around it a couple of times. Then, another one showed up and then 2 more. The 4 siblings went on to put on the cutest show of childlike fun. They climbed up and down the trees, chased each other around, hissed and clawed at each other, tumbled around and played beautifully. The food soon arrived and they were so tiny that they had to precariously balance themselves on the edge of the bowl to get their food without falling in.

I enjoyed watching them. They reminded me of Milkshake. My son and he could entertain themselves for hours with laser lights and string balls. At night they would cuddle up and sleep.

There are so many things to hold and cherish.

Why is it that the mind tends to latch on to the negative stuff? One can go to the most exotic places on earth but the mind comes with you. There art lies in allowing the beauty to surpass the sadness.

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