Day 329

It was an unusually bright and sunny day for mid-September. The sun shone as though it had decided to hang out during the day while waiting to spend the evening with us.

People came together with smiles, pictures, poems, candles, songs, tears, messages, wooden cutouts of the names of their loved ones, memories and mostly, love. As we settled down in a circle made up of 60-70 people connected by grief, all other noises seemed to recede. The strumming of the guitar soothed our aching nerves. The pauses gave us the space to be. The twilight brought us peace. Holding hands, hugging and sitting close to our friends made us feel safe and well taken care of. The hugs felt like real blessings! So comforting! Complete strangers coming together through this bond of profound loss bringing forth pure humanity.

Nature conspired to make the evening even more special. The sun was generous with its warmth and the sky filled itself with beautiful shapes and colours.

The sharing was honest and powerful. Some times painful.

But what was happening was – healing.

Healing of our minds, hearts and souls.

I am sure he was somewhere in the vicinity, lurking behind a tree, embarrassed at his mother making such a song and dance of the whole thing. Even writing articles in news- papers. Cringe!!!!

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