Day 339

In a special little box highlighted in a greyish shade of blue the BNF (British National Formulary) says:

“The balance of risks and benefits for the treatment of depressive illness in individuals under 18 years is considered unfavourable for the SSRIs citalopram. escitalopram, paroxetine, sertraline, mirtazapine and venlafaxine. Clinical trials have failed to show efficacy and have shown an increase in harmful outcomes. However, it is recognized that specialists may sometimes decide to use these drugs in response to individual clinical needs; children and adolescents should be monitored carefully for suicidal behavior, self-harm and hostility, particularly at the beginning of treatment.”

This has been known for 10 years.

GlaxoSmithKlien came under heavy criticism when they were accused of ‘concealing’ important information from the public at the risk of harm to patients in the US.

In the UK, criminal action was taken against GSK and these medications were labeled as ‘suicide pills’.

Adolescent brain development studies have shown that the structure of the brain continues to change from the teens till early twenties before it assumes adult form.

In different countries, the definition of ‘adolescence’ differs. In America, consumption of alcohol is illegal below 21 whereas in the UK it is illegal under 18. In a medical setting, does ‘under 18’ mean that if the patient is a few days or months over, the rule does not apply to them?

My son was ‘around 18’, at the beginning of treatment, not monitored carefully and not under specialist care. This side effect of the medication that he was taking was not mentioned, leave alone ‘emphasised’ to me. No safety plan was put in place.

Could the choice of medication be responsible for what happened?

Or was it the way it was used that contributed to it?

Questions, questions and more questions.

The report of the joint investigation between the Mental Health services and NHS England is delayed again. They are also probably grappling with many questions. The Coroner’s Inquest is in less than 2 weeks.

Let’s see if we can find any answers.

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