Day 366

The fact that I got through yesterday smoothly is astonishing. For the past 4 days we have been receiving messages of love, prayers and kind thoughts from our friends and family from far and near. Once again, many bouquets of flowers, cards and letters have arrived at our doorstep. More donations have been made on our Justgiving page. Is it any co-incidence that we have been able to tide over this very difficult time so peacefully? Do the thoughts and feelings generated thousands of miles away actually convert themselves into strength and comfort by the time they reach us?

I looked up the relationship between distant prayer and healing and found some very interesting scientific studies.

A triple-blind, controlled and prospective study by Cha et al, studied 219 infertile women undergoing IVF in South Korea. They found that the women who had been prayed for (in the USA, Australia and Canada) had nearly twice as high a pregnancy rate as those who had not been prayed for.

Lesniak described a study on a sample comprised of 22 bush babies with wounds resulting from chronic self-injurious behaviour. These animals were randomized into prayer and control groups that were similar at baseline. Prayer was conducted for 4 weeks. The prayer group animals had a greater reduction in wound size and a greater improvement in blood results than the control animals. This study is important because it was conducted in nonhumans. Hence the likelihood of a placebo effect was removed.

So, all I can say is a BIG THANK YOU!

This reminds me of the time when I was a medical student – I noticed that the stark difference between a psychiatry ward and other wards was the absence of ‘Get well soon’ cards! Sad but true, even today.

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