Day 393

The sweet smell of earth after the first few drops of rain,
The tiny burst of multiple citrus bubbles after a sip of soda with calamansi,
The subtle hint of loved ones in the mirror – mother, brother, child,
The tiny beads of sweat on the back on a warm and humid afternoon,
The few shades of darkened skin after having seen the sun,
The matching emerald of the stones on my finger ring, the deep waters and my sweetheart’s eyes,
The caring touch of a hand,
The comforting weight of an arm across my body,
The phasic rhythm of two breaths in tandem,
The bountiful deliciousness of a small bite of a seasonal mango,
The verdant greenness of the land,
The fresh, pure sea breeze cleansing every pore,
The content vibrations of a purring cat,
The amnesia that comes through laughter with old friends,
The perfect sips of Darjeeling tea first thing in the morning,
The fragrance of jasmine strong enough to force you to stop and inhale deeply with eyes closed,
The movement of air within the nostrils, going in and out,
The carpet of stars from horizon to horizon,
The duets of waters and birds,
The subtle life force connecting me with everything that is,
The experience of ‘being’ human, being here in the centre of now.

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