Day 409

Number of people killed in the recent Paris Attacks:130.
Number of deaths at the Nairobi Massacre: 67
Number of children killed in Syria so far: 12,517.
Number of women killed in Syria: 8,062.
Number of people who died of Ebola in 6 countries: 11,314.
Number of people killed in Afghanistan: 92,000.
Number of civilians among them: 26,000.
Number of casualties in America in 9/11: 2,996
Number of people injured in Afghanistan: 100,000.
(Source: Wikipedia. Other sources quote significantly higher numbers of war casualties.)
War maims countries for generations.

Poverty, malnutrition, no homes or schools, lack of clean drinking water, reduced access to health care, breaking up communities, no law and order, environmental degradation, no infrastructure, no sense of security for self and family members, rape, torture, no protection from extreme weather conditions, constant fear ….

In 2009, the Afghan Ministry of Public Health reported that two-thirds of Afghans suffer from mental health problems.

Why is a life lost in America or Europe more worthy of mention in mainstream media than anywhere else in the world? What causes western nations to ‘righteously’ impose their values on other countries? How can we justify war again and again and again? Isn’t there enough suffering in the world already? Everyday thousands die of cruel and nasty diseases, of accidents and natural disasters. Why is the human race bent upon self-destruction? Every time one human being uses violence against another, what dies is humanity.

We are a unique race, Homo Sapiens, supposedly the most ‘evolved’ of all.


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