Day 423

Meandering between the worlds of dream and reality, I have been looking at various religious teachings around connecting with the departed souls in a positive manner.

At the core of the Buddhist practice of SGI (Saka Gakkai International) lies the chanting of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo (daimoku).

Mr. Toda, one of the leaders asserts: “Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for the deceased is the only way we can truly bring positive benefit to their lives. The Mystic Law functions to connect our lives to others in the universe, much like radio waves. This is another reason why it’s important to chant vigorous daimoku. When our daimoku for the happiness of the deceased resonates with powerful life force, it not only imparts strength and vitality to their lives, but our own lives are also invigorated as a result. The purpose of our prayers for the deceased is for our lives to commune with our deceased loved ones and countless ancestors.

Instead of simply offering prayers for the deceased suffused with the grief of bereavement, let us resolve to walk the path of kosen-rufu (the ceaseless effort to enhance the value of human dignity, to awaken all people to a sense of their limitless worth and potential) with our deceased loved ones throughout the three existences of past, present, and future, with strong faith and confident of the wondrous life force of the Mystic Law.”

Yes. Reading that excerpt makes me feel strong and gives me hope. It is possible for us to work with our energy in memory of those we love who have passed to bring about awakening.


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