Day 431

Before Dawn

Into the dusk I step.
One with the transparent darkness.
One with the resonating silence.
A sound reverberates from deep within.
Arising from a meaningful stillness.
Emerging from an observant, quiet inner conflict.
It unveils the ‘Self’.

The profundity of the night
Reveals magical beauty, shades and depth.
Far removed from daily agitations,
The night is fertile soil to grow
To the scale of eternity.

I am just water filling a shape.
The winds cause ripples and waves.
Yet it remains still and clear.
Flowing and nurturing.
Pure and cleansing.
Strong and gentle.
Sublime and simple.
Bringing forth lotuses and lilies.
Reflecting images yet letting light through.

Light, a spark of Divinity.
Reaches out from the Infinite.
Dawn meets me then.
A new beginning.

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