Day 441

2014 – least favourite year.

October – least favourite month

Thursday – least favourite day of the week

16th – least favourite date

2015 – first full year of living without Saagar… without his lovely big bear hugs, his funny faces and child-like cackling laughter, his ‘fiendish’ sudoku, his impeccable drumming and fast bowling, his cocktails and cooking, his French and Arabic vocabulary and accents, his beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. First whole year without him being present on the outside but with our love being intensely present every moment in my heart and mind. One whole year of loving him and missing him more than ever before.

2015 – first full year of living with Si, my man… of having him stand firmly by my side being a loving and patient carer, a compassionate friend… as I write this sentence, I clearly see the sheer impotency of words. All I can say is that I feel lucky. I am immensely grateful for him and for everything he has come to mean to me, for the light he brings into my otherwise dark life, for the innumerable times he makes me laugh and smile everyday in his own inimitable way, for the fact that he exists and chooses to be with me. That has to be one of the highlights at present.

2015 – A year of learning.

2016 – Happy 🙂

Happy 2016 everyone! xxx


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