Day 463

For 5 years Si and I were in a relationship. We lived continents apart. We saw each other for a few days every 3-4 months. For one reason or another it was not possible for us to live together or even in the same time zone. He needed his job and I needed mine. That was that and we seemed to be unable to change the status quo. At some level we were ok with it otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it. Our friends told us that these days it is not unusual for couples to live happily like that. We told ourselves the same thing.

For the last 16 months we have been living together. Our separations have been short, few and far between. We have come to share our lives, thoughts, hopes, feelings, dreams and ideas with each other on a daily basis. Some days we might see each other only for an hour or less but that has become important. We are renovating our house together and that is the first major project we have taken on as one. It’s exciting. The house feels like a home again even though it is filled with dust and the awful smell of paint. Most of the furniture is on its side or heaped up in the centre of rooms.

For 5 days, he’s been away. It seems like a very long time.
The things we tell ourselves!

Life is too short to fit all the love in. 

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