Day 509

Some days are mountains. Like today.Why does one have to wake up every morning?
Why can’t it be different? Just didn’t want to but did.
Not a single scrap of my being wanted to go to work but somehow did.
Had no desire whatsoever to go to the gym but did.
Walking around town was just a huge chore, like being in the ‘negative’ of a film.
The sun was shining. So what? No wind or cloud or rain. So what?
No desire for small talk whatsoever but had to.
Smiling was a colossal task but managed it a few times.
Life seemed colourless. Lifeless.
Like a life sentence.

Come on girl. One step in front of another, even if it leads God knows where!

When you are with me my heart sings.
When you are not, there is no song.
When you are with me, I have everything.
When you not, nothing.
When you are with me it feels like I have every happiness.
Without you, no happiness is complete.
With you around, this place is as beautiful as a dream.
With you gone, there is no beauty in anything.
When you are with me, all paths and possibilities were wide open and welcoming.
Without you, I cannot find my way.
With you around the world seems kind to me.
When you are with me I can see the colours of love in the air.
Without you the air is solid. No passion, ambition, charm or enthusiasm.
Without you there is no life.

This one is for you my friends and for Saagar. Stay with me.
Today I am a hero.

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