Day 528


Everything is different.
Like it is after an earthquake.
Things that were solid are now rubble.
Others are buried underneath.
Some alive. Some dead.

Nothing is the same.
Things that mattered, don’t anymore.
Things that didn’t, make up my world.
Others neither matter, nor don’t.
Indifference comes easier than before.

All has changed.
Everything has shifted and moved.
Pictures have fallen off the walls.
Some doors have been jammed shut.
Never again to come ajar.

The ‘good old days’ have passed.
But each morning is a chance
To make every day good and new.
For us. For now.

Time used to be just time.
Now it drags me around with it.
Beauty used to be just beautiful.
Now it leaves me feeling wretched.
Let’s somehow make it better.

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