Day 540


An expert digger helped me dig through some of my stuff today. We discovered some precious gems: letting go, surrender, acceptance, forgiveness, healing and love.

I was introduced to the fascinating concept of Soul Contracts – pre-birth agreements we have with other souls to help our soul grow and evolve.

Before each lifetime a sacred contract is chosen and agreed by our higher self or Soul. It aims to progress with its own growth through the karmic lessons to be learnt and the experiences to be had. The Soul Contract is made between two souls who’s interaction and relationship, no matter how brief, is important to the progression of spiritual growth.

These souls become the key people in our life: parents, friends, romantic partners, spouses, siblings and kids. These souls may also be people that we only know for a short time but who have a substantial impact on our life and create opportunities related to our growth.

Once we learn the lessons these contracts are designed to teach us, we can be free of them indefinitely. We can take control of our life, fully express our gifts and and enjoy the life we were born to live.

I wonder what the ‘Soul Contract’ between Saagar and I said? As for learning and growth, I have learnt a lot about joy, friendship and compassion from Saagar’s life and am now learning so much more through his passing.

Is all of this pre-determined?







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