Day 545

His closest friend, H came around today. He brought his guitar that he’s learning to play. He has been learning and ‘messing around’ with it lately. Enjoying it and improving rapidly.

We reminisced about the 2 identical pairs of tracksuit bottoms that he and Saagar bought together from TK Max one winter. The trousers were in the women’s clothing section but H really liked them. They were light grey with 3 bright pink stripes running along the length of both the sides.  H wanted to buy them but was a bit embarrassed. To make it easier for H to buy them, Saagar bought a pair too. When they brought the 2 pairs home, H and I changed into them instantly and I completely fell in love with them. I wore them this evening.

He enjoyed the food I cooked for him (or so he said) even though he found it a bit hot.  But he is used to that, having spent so much time with Saagar. He strummed his guitar and sang a few songs. The music was so soothing! He sang ‘Hello from the other side’ to perfection! We talked about golf, girlfriends, clothes, food, holidays, the full name of ‘B&Q’ and other inconsequential facts.

We watched a few funny Youtube clips together and had a good laugh. We exchanged notes on our respective cats and showed each other entertaining photographs of them.

It was a beautiful evening.


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