Day 547

Things were often not in their place. I couldn’t find them and I had no time to look. I was not happy.
The litter tray was not emptied out as often as it should be.
The take-away pizza box with one cold leathery piece in it from 2 days ago was still under his bed.
The laundry bag was full 3 days ago and now overflowing!
The white wall along the stair case was marked with black steaks from carrying the drum kit up and down the length of it many times.
The air-bed in his room had given up because too many of his friends had crashed on it at the same time.
The living room furniture would be upside down because a rehearsal was going on with all kinds of musical instruments.
The neighbours heard his drumming from the moment he got back from school.
The house never looked exactly the way I wanted it to because it was just not tidy enough. I complained!
Now it is clean and quiet. But it is still not exactly the way I would like it to be.
Now I know how lovely that time was.

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