Day 582

A lovely lady came up to me at the end of the Mental Health First Aid for Youth training today and asked, ”This may sound silly but could I have seen you on a morning TV show last summer?” I said yes, quiet possibly. I had put one of Saagar’s black and white pictures up before talking about him at the end of the training. She had seen that picture on TV 10 months ago and seeing it again had reminded her of him and me. Interestingly she had registered Saagar’s image much more strongly than mine. Well, he is unforgettable and not just for me.

She went on to share how she had been inspired that day to look into Mental Health issues closely and make the wellbeing of her students her top priority. She is an English teacher and is passionate about creative writing and now, Mental Health.

On the afternoon of 22nd July last year, at 3 pm I received a call to ask if I would be prepared to show up at BBC studios at 8 am the next day to appear on TV on a live current events show to talk about some issues around suicide. It was very short notice but with the help of my work colleagues I was able to arrange the morning off work. It was a short but meaningful conversation. The responses on Twitter, I am told were many, from people who were deeply touched by it. That one step was taken in a state of being lost and dazed, very unsure of myself having never done anything like that ever before, speaking about the most painful event of my life on national television.

After meeting this lady today, I can see the impact of real stories and conversations.
My faith in the Universe gets stronger everyday. We shall overcome.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”
Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

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