Day 590

Another day!
Sorting out the house.
Discovering his drum sticks.
His linen trousers.
Wondering when it all started.
Cup of tea and toast.
One more and one more.
How could he not think of me?
How am I to carry this now?
I unpack another box and another.
Put things in various piles.
For charity, for school, for friends.
Yes. It is what it is.
But sometimes it’s too much.
Like today.
Distractions don’t work.
If at all, they make it worse.
I can see his face.
It’s here – just beyond my reach.
I hear his voice in my head, not my ears.
I feel his energy.
He wants me to smile.
Be happy.
I want him.
There are no answers.
Just the burden of time.
Another chai.
Life must go on.
I forget just why.

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