Day 593

photo (1)

This belongs to Saagar. I unpacked it today. A timely reminder.
Yes darling. Here and now.

Missing you teaches me to be in a state of flexible awareness everyday. It is a process of expanding, not of arriving at a different set of limitations. There isn’t just one way of looking at life. I am not obliged to be or not be anything, as long as in my heart and mind I am whole. I must be willing to contain within myself whatever is the opposite of any limited idea, knowing that when I emphasize a positive, at the same time a negative is being created. When I focus on life, death is hidden within that. When I choose an ideal of knowledge then I must accept its companion, ignorance. If I allow that non-beauty is always within me, then I am free to create beauty.

Love is the highest as it always contains that which is not love within itself.
There is no action that is always right or wrong: the only variable is the love with which I act.
Whether I am conscious of it or not, I am one with the cause of all that exists.
Whether I feel it or not, I am one with all the love in the Universe.

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