Day 629


Yesterday I was deeply skeptical about the imminent release of Chilcot Enquiry report. I suspected it would be a play of words desperately trying to bring solace to the families of the young men lost in combat while staying on the right side of the political machinery. Today I was relieved to see the clarity with which it has stated its findings.

13 years ago, on July the 17th, the weapons expert, Dr David Kelly was found dead in the woods. The Blair Government and its compliant media tried its best to convince us that he had ended his life by his own hand. This was not believed by a large portion of the public and more particularly his own family. Among prominent doctors who had raised doubts based just on published reports of the death, one physician and barrister, Dr Michael Powers QC, has not accepted the published postmortem and toxicology report and maintains that questions remain about the amount of blood found at the scene and the number of pills taken. Powers expressed scathing criticism of the lack of rigour of the Hutton inquiry, and asserted that the officially stated cause of death was highly implausible.

Given the reluctance the govt has to acknowledging the crisis of suicide, it is frustrating how quickly and easily the death of someone in such an influential position as David Kelly is ascribed to suicide. So much so that there is a term to describe this phenomenon of being ‘suicided’ -being exterminated and the death made to look like suicide.

I cannot imagine how treacherously painful that must be for those near and dear to him..



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