Day 646

Slumped in an arm chair
Legs slung to one side
I day-dream wide eyed.

The music gently plucks the strings
Strung to my heart.
What is it about art?

My eyes struggle and strain
For a sign to appear
And tell me he’s here.

Could the wind carry a clue?
Would the clouds laugh at me?
Wondering why I cannot see?

Is it clear to everyone else?
Am I the only one blind?
Is there a need to be in such a bind?

He, his smile can’t simply disappear.
The ones that love us never truly go away.
They choose a comfy corner in our hearts. And stay.

They shine in every thing we perceive.
They never leave.
Even though we break our hearts and grieve.

My big toe felt moist and warm
I was shaken out of my sojourn
I looked down to find Milkshake, our cat,
Licking my foot and that was that.

In that instant of cuddly fuzziness I knew,
He is here, there
And everywhere.

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