Day 649

The entire planet is in turmoil. Disparaging images surround us.
Many hundreds of people have been injured and killed in traumatic circumstances and many hundreds of others are left with horrifying visions etched upon their retinas and burnt into their brains. The media is explicitly ugly in the details it exhibits.

It’s heartbreakingly bad news all around. The world is going crazy!!!

Today it was revealed that many atrocities are being carried out systematically against young people in detention centres for many years in the so called ‘developed nations’. At Don Dale prison in North Territory in Australia, children in detention are being abused, hooded and bound in a manner likened to Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo Bay. It is often arbitrary, indefinite and without right to appeal.Last night a television programme on Australian TV brought the shocking details out in the open in some of the most disturbing footage.

Indigenous youths make up 96% of the young prison population in the Northern Territory and only 30% of the overall population.

The lawyer representing Voller, one of the boys demanded his immediate release and said, “The impact of these years of brutalisation must be immediately measured and he needs immediate assistance.”

“The Modus Operandi  of the NT government is this: shoot the messenger, discredit the report and demonise these kids, so people out of the street think it’s OK for that to happen to these kids.” – Megan Mitchell, National Children’s commissioner.

The present time reminds me of the Second law of Thermodynamics  which describes the limits of what the universe can do. This law is about inefficiency, degeneration and decay. It defines entropy  as a measure of the amount of disorder within a system. It tells us that our actions are  inherently wasteful and that there are irreversible processes in the universe. It gives us an arrow for time and tells us that our universe has an inescapably bleak and desolate fate. Cosmologists call this the “heat death” of the universe, an inevitable consequence of the unstoppable march of entropy.


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