Day 680


“In a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy.” This is the title of an exhibition inspired by the power of the horizontal. It also reflects the current of thoughts and wishes that flows through my head at all times, not just while dreaming but also when wide awake, living a ‘normal’ life.


Yes. I have felt that power – sleeping, working, mourning. I have surrendered to gravity without much resistance lately. In fact sometimes I am completely unable to overcome it. Of late the desire for the horizontal state has been rather overpowering. Getting my head off the pillow in the mornings is challenging even though lying awake in bed can be worse. On occasions I have taken refuge of the duvet for many more hours than required and found it to be The Great Escape, slipping in and out of slumber, completely giving in to inertia.

Death by duvet. I am so entitled to it.




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