Day 692



The missed appointment at the vet.
Another petty lost bet.
The drive past the crematorium.
Why? Why? Why? The pandemonium!
The young woman’s dip-dyed blue hair.
Neither here, nor there.
The overdue car insurance.
Repeated calls testing endurance.
The warm beer cans.
The rude drivers of white vans.
The empty ice-cold ice tray.
Wish the guests would stay!
The man leaving the ‘ladies’.
The misplaced car keys.
The delayed train, again.
The inside out umbrella in the windy rain.
The missed medications.
The fudged calculations.
The purply-pink figs with white patches
The rot comes from nowhere and catches
The avocado bruised blackened.
The skin on me somewhat slackened.
The sweet man-boy.
His rusted old toy.
A necklace with a broken latch.
An ear-ring without its other match.
A letter returned in the post.
To the young dead, a toast!

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