Day 695


Wow! That was something.

50 K without much practice and with a few pre-existing issues in the right ankle and lower back for me and healing blisters from the last walk for Si.

It drizzled most of the day with no sunny spells and a few heavy showers. But around 5.30 pm it completely cleared up and we had a blissful walk in the twilight. The river and the life in and around it were making their sweet sounds, often unheard in London. More than half the moon was shining on us and soothing our aching legs. The last 5 kilometers were excruciating! Breathe in-2-3-4. Out-2-3-4. In through the nose. Out through the mouth. Paracetamol. Electrolyte water. Massage. Stretch. Sit. We had the best jacket potato with cheese for lunch. Met some lovely people. Shared stories. Reminded myself – one foot in front of the other. Si walked beside me holding my hand. At times bearing some of my weight through that hand! 

Feeling the legs a lot! Exhausted!
Hobbling but happy!

Ps: Thank you!!!

7 thoughts on “Day 695

  1. So sorry we did not make it. Have had hectic 6 months of building work which finished last week. I also found I needed surgery , which was planned for this weekend. Now off work for 8 weeks .

    So accept our apologies, but Jack & I were thinking of you all yesterday – congratulations xx

    Jane Sent from my iPhone



    • That’s ok Jane. Thank you for holding us in your thoughts.
      I hope you make a good and fast recovery from your surgery. Big hug to Jack.
      May be we can do this together next year. Enjoy the renovations.
      Love and best wishes,


  2. Thank you so much for your understand words yesterday. It was both an emotionally and physically challenging day and having so much time to think really brought up every emotion imaginable.
    Thank you for coming to talk to me. Much love to you and your husband
    Tina x


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