Day 706

On some days the words come tumbling on to the page and arrange themselves exactly the way I want them to. Other times, they need coaxing, cajoling and persuading. They need a stage or a platform to be able to show up.
I sit down to write with my laptop at the kitchen table and notice that the sink has a tea cup and a tea spoon in it. Well, better wash them up before starting. Just then Milkshake comes in through the cat-flap looking very hungry! Got to feed him now. Look, the cushions are all over the place. Better fluff them up and sit them properly. Oh, the flowers and vases look a bit tired and dirty respectively. The water needs changed, dead heads discarded and the stems need trimmed down an inch or so. Nice! While I am at it, let me just quickly water the plants as well. May be add a bit of plant food too. I think the clothes are washed. This is a good time to move them to the drier. Oh! The drier already has dried clothes in it. Let me just sort them out while I can. That reminds me, there is dry-cleaning due for collection. Well, may be another time.
Right now I really need to write. But before that, I think a cup of mint tea would be really nice. I open the fridge to get some mint leaves and I find a box of strawberries. Let me just stem and halve these berries while the kettle is boiling. Si would love to have them after dinner. That done, I notice the land-line phone flashing at me. Let me just check the answer phone messages while the tea is brewing. What a lovely surprise to hear from a dear old friend in America. Can’t wait to catch up with her again. The time is about right, considering the difference in time zones. Shall I call her after finishing the writing?

May be just a quick call.

© Procastinators : Leaders of tomorrow. Or the day after.


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