Day 742


Sad times are sad.
Happy times are sad.
Mundane times are sad.

Wish he was here to enjoy the renovations and the light that they allow in.
Wish he could rest on the new brown sofa.
Wish he could gaze through the big windows.
Wish he could come on holidays with us.
Wish he could help water the plants and mow the lawn.
Wish he could sometimes put the bin out on Mondays.

Wish he would do his Vietnamese accent for me and have me in splits! 
He would’ve loved the ‘contactless’ use of plastic cards.
Wish he could feel Milkshake’s incredible fur.
Wish he could meet some of our new friends and we his.
Wish he could finally agree with me about Jeremy Clarkson being an absolute plonker.
Wish he could have the satisfaction of knowing that he finally managed to teach me how to use dried oregano.
Wish he could open the marmalade jar for me when I can’t.
Wish he could rescue me from my computer problems.
Wish we could watch something silly on TV together.
Wish he would ask me for a lift to the gym.
Wish we could cook hot chicken curry for our friends.
Wish we could sit and talk. Then go for a walk.
Wish he would sometimes make tea for me when I got home.
Then play me a new beat on his drums.

Wish he knew how much he is missed, loved and cherished.
Wish he would appear out of nowhere, just like he disappeared into it.

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