Day 735


Why do we turn to other people’s words when we are in a difficult place?

Possibly because we can’t find the words ourselves. It is comforting to hear our experience reflected in someone else. It also helps us find the balance between our intellectual and emotional centres.

Sufi poetry has enamoured me for a long time. It takes me to a place beyond all kinds of man-made walls and makes me feel one with myself and all humanity. It makes higher knowledge more easily accessible while bringing great pleasure and peace.

Rumi and Bulla Shah are two of my favourites.

Bulla, I know not who I am?

Nor am I a believer of the mosque,
Nor am I in rituals of the infidel
Nor am I the pure inside the impure.

Nor am I inherent in the Vedas,
Nor am I present in intoxicants.
Nor am I lost nor the corrupt.

Nor am I union, nor grief,
Nor am I intrinsic in the pure/impure
Nor am I of water, nor of land.

Nor am I fire nor air.
Bulla! I know not who I am

Nor am I Arabic, nor from Lahore,
Nor am I the Indian city of Nagour.
Nor hindu or a turk from Peshawar.

Nor did I create differences of faith,
Nor did I create Adam and Eve
Nor did I name my self.

Beginning or end, I just know the self,
Do not acknowledge duality.
There’s none wise than I.

Who is this Bulla Shah?
Bulla! I know not who I am.

Nor am I Moses, nor Pharoah
Nor am I fire nor wind.
I do not stay in Nadaun city. (City of innocents)
Bullashah, who is this man standing?

Bulla! I know not who I am
Bulla! I know not who I am.

Bulleh Shah, 1680-1757, a Punjabi humanist, philosopher and poet.



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