Day 752


“This weekend I am going for a girl’s night out” said I.
“You are not a girl” Saagar responded with amusement.
“I want you to remember that even when I am 85 years old, I will still be a girl.”

Yet, I lost that girl. I became a grieving mother. Nothing more.

2 months ago I took my Mum to a hobby craft shop. I thought she would love seeing all the pretty things in there as she is creative and full of great ideas. But it was me. It turned out to be a treasure trove for me. I was completely sucked into the rows of lovely stickers, stationery, buttons, pens and ribbons. I wasn’t sure what I would do with them but I couldn’t help bringing a few things home.

One Sunday morning I took them all out and displayed them on the kitchen table. After looking at my loot for a while some ideas started taking shape and I made a few birthday cards, thank you notes, messages of sympathy, blank notes with some art work, nothing-in-particular cards and so on. I was on a roll. I found that girl!

Now I know where she’s been hiding. I’ll be keeping track of her. She’s fun!


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