Day 786

An early morning taxi ride to Sky News studios. A brief disjointed interview. No idea where I was supposed to look as there were 3 cameras in front of me. No preparatory cup of tea, orientation or introduction. I think they assumed I was a professional when in fact I was a bundle of nerves. Despite what everyone said, I know I blew it. Well, it’s over now. A sigh of relief!

Then came another one – a sigh of sadness arising from a heavy heart, expelling melancholy from the body. My eyes fell upon his beautiful face and there… another sigh! According to old wisdom, sighing is a way of maintaining physical and mental health. It was also an accepted method of prayer, a way of communicating with the divine.

Got started with work and found more sighs of boredom, frustration, irritation and disappointment coming forth. The unburdening of the soul through a deep in-breath and out is strangely satisfying too, especially when it is not audible to anyone but you. At the end of a working day, a content sigh of a job well done.

A quiet evening at home with the cats as Si is out of town. Sigh!

“You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh, the fundamental things apply, as time goes by…”


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