Day 801

There are many doctors who still believe that if a person is serious about killing themselves then there is nothing they can do. That is a myth

Feeling actively suicidal is temporary, even if someone has been feeling low, anxious or struggling to cope. The majority of people who feel suicidal do not actually want to die, they just want to stop the pain. This is why getting the right kind of support at the right time is so important.

The purely medical model of symptoms = diagnosis = medication does not work for mental illness as there are many social factors that can serve as important contributors and resources. Paying attention to the concerns of carers and empowering them with relevant information and points of professional contact is crucial.

“A large percentage of individuals who end their life by suicide have had contact with primary care around the time of their death.” Luoma et al 2002.

Suicide is the single biggest killer of young people in the UK. Unless Human factors training and Suicide Prevention Training is made mandatory for all frontline medical staff, just like CPR training is, we will continue to silently loose thousands of beautiful people through suicide year after year.

I dedicate this plea to the memory of my darling son Saagar Naresh who would have been 23 this year. RIP my love.


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