Day 854


Hindu mythology speaks of gods and demons churning the great ocean to obtain nectar out of it to become immortal. A pot of poison emerges out of the great waters. The poison is so powerful that nobody can touch it. But Lord Shiva agrees to get rid of the poison by consuming it. He carefully holds the poison in his throat, which turns blue. On the occasion of Maha Shivaratri, which is today, devotees show their gratitude to this deity for thus having saved the world. He is considered to be the rockstar of Gods! Through fasting, chanting and meditation, we realise the Shiva element within us.

Shiva is the name of a silent, unseen, benevolent energy that makes up the whole universe. The sun, moon and stars adorn him. Rivers of knowledge flow through him. The mythical snakes associated with him represent an alive and aware consciousness that is the universe. Under his right foot, he crushes ignorance. He is the Lord of Dissolution, the space that holds energy, the medium of existence, without a beginning or an end. He stands for truth and beauty.

His cosmic dance is the dance of creation where millions of species are generated and they are all one consciousness. The dance is an interplay between material and spiritual realms of creation. His mythical blue body signifies the infinite sky. The sound of his drum denotes the expanding and collapsing nature of the universe. The fire in his hand stands for the primordial energy of the universe.

He lives on Kailash, a place where there is only celebration. He also dwells on cremation grounds where there is only void.

Divinity is present in a void as well as in celebration.

Om Namah Shivaya!

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