Day 1

Last night I think I passed out for a couple of hours and then lay awake in bed, just breathing. Quite blank. Then a thought struck me – did he have the Samaritan’s phone number? I kicked myself for not making sure he did. May be that would have helped. I dwelt on that for a while and then gave up. Got tired. Broke into a sweat! Felt absolutely parched. Had water and the cycle repeated itself a few times.

This morning I was going through some pictures to see which one might be suitable for enlarging and framing. Then I realised that I would never see him again. This is final.

Put his washed clothes out for drying and found his ear-phones that he had been missing for a while. Typical!

I went upstairs and made his bed. Sat in his room for a while. It felt really empty.

The coroner’s liaison officer phoned to confirm the identity of the body. Despite all the information that was irrefutable, there was an iota of hope, which also died.

Friends have been incredible! Constant stream of hugs, tea and food and other support of all kinds in the house.

Meditated for a while and realised that he is ‘infinite’, just like you and me.

This was just one leg of his journey.

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