Day 2

Wow! It’s amazing how everytime I see a dear one’s face, I break into tears. One would think that this process could only be repeated a certain number of times but the fountain seems to be endless.

All this while I had a feeling that I was missing something. Today an expert in the field of psychiatry happened to mention to me that the risk of harming oneself when one is suffering from depression is relatively higher when they are just beginning to come out of it, which is exactly where my son was. That made me really angry as no one told me! I felt just awful!!! It just added another ….only if I had known……

Aside from that, some of his closest friends called to tell me how much they loved him and missed him. I felt such love for all of them, as though they were all my very own. God bless them all.

The reactions of all my friends and acquaintances who are mothers has been unequivocally filled with heartfelt love and sympathy. Most of them have immediately burst into tears!

I have found a bit more peace today and had the first good laugh in an couple of days. It felt good.

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